How to Create different image for hypervisor KVM by Packer

Hi, community

I Have a KVM hypervisor server
I want to Create an 700 images for KVM of OS
Windows - Linux and Unix
Can I do this with Packer?

I don’t understand the question exactly: you want to create different images. Windows, Linux and Unix. What’s about the “700” in your question? Do you want to create an amount of 700 images? If so, why? Just create one image of a kind and duplicate it. But that’s not the point behind images and packer.
Simply put, you build a “golden image” as a basis and then individualize the VM created from it using configuration management. An image forms the basis, that is, the uniform foundation.

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Hi, Wolfsrudel

Thanks for answering :blush:
I’m QA
I want to create different images of old and new versions at the same time, for example, CentOS and Debian
For software testing and QA tasks
So I have to create a unique image for each version of OS ?

Yes, indeed, you will have to.