How to define a parameterized periodic nomad job

I am looking for an example of parameterized periodic job definition. Below is what I tried unsuccessfully.

job "job-name-move" {
  region = "region"
	datacenters = ["datacenter"]
  node_pool = "default"
  type = "batch"
  parameterized {    
    payload = "forbidden"
    meta_required = ["PROC_TYPE"]
  periodic {
    crons             = ["* * * * * *"]
    prohibit_overlap = true
  group "job-name-grp" {
    constraint {
      attribute = "${node.class}"
      operator  = "="
      value     = "etl"

    task "job-name-task" {
      driver = "raw_exec"
      config {
        command  = "C:\\python\\python39\\python.exe"
        args     = ["C:\\", "-p", "${NOMAD_META_PROC_TYPE}"]

What I see is that I got a parameterized job, and after I dispatch it with META PROC_TYPE, it creates child job which is periodic, but that job remains “Unplaced”. If I remove the “periodic” block, then I could dispatch the parameterized job with META_PROC_TYPE and the task would get executed correctly once. If I remove the parameterized block and define a meta, then the job also gets executed correctly.

I am looking for:

  1. An example for a paramterized and peridoic job
  2. Can I make the cron schedule also a meta (paramter) of the job?