How to deploy cdktf using typescript code

I am working on a typescript/node project that I eventually want to make into a package (that is placed in an npm registry). Within this package there is a cdktf directory that contains infrastructure I want deployed into AWS. If I cd to this directory and run cdktf deploy in the terminal I am able to deploy the infrastructure. However, is there any way I can write code in this package (say in another file called deploy.ts) that will deploy the cdktf using typescript only (and no bash/shell commands - I do not want to use the standard cdktf deploy command as this is bash/shell). I have tried installing the npm package for cdktf but upon inspecting the relevant github repo at GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-cdk: Define infrastructure resources using programming constructs and provision them using HashiCorp Terraform I have found no typescript examples of being able to deploy cdktf (basically I want to know the typescript equivalent of cdktf deploy). The following code snippet also shows what I am trying to achieve:

import * as cdktf from 'cdktf';
cdktf.deploy // right now deploy is not a function available in cdktf

There isn’t currently a public api available. Public API for Terraform CLI / TF Cloud exec code · Issue #804 · hashicorp/terraform-cdk · GitHub is an issue tracking the request.