How to deploy spot instances in your custom VPC

resource “aws_spot_instance_request” “my-spot” {

spot_price = “$.$$$”
ami = “ami-xxxxx” #
wait_for_fulfillment = true
spot_type = “persistent”
instance_interruption_behaviour = “stop”
instance_type = “my.metal”
key_name =

The above code deploys spot in “default-vpc” and in a default subnet. Can some point me as to how to deploy the spot instance in your private vpc with private subnet and not default vpc and default subnet ???


Although not expected, deployment of single private spot instances isn’t supported by the resource.
However you could create an autoscaling group with launch configuration or a spot_fleet for deployment. Using ASGs for SPOT itself make sense though.

It might be helpful to start with or learn from an existing module like: