How to download Packer plugins from Artifactory?


We want to use Packer to build AMIs in AWS, but the environment is closed for security reason. So Packer won’t have any access to the internet. The packer init steps fails because it tries to download the necessary plugins from the internet and that fails.

We do use Artifactory, which we use to provide access to artifacts available on the internet for other tools. Is it possible to direct Packer to download plugins from Artifactory? I searched on Packer’s official documentation, but I couldn’t find anything on that subject.

Thank you very much for your help

Hey @ftriboix ,

Steps to install the binaries manually:

  • The easiest way to manually install a plugin is to name it correctly, then place it in the proper directory. To name a plugin correctly, make sure the binary is named packer-plugin-NAME. For example, packer-plugin-lxc for a “plugin”
    binary named “lxc”. This binary will make one or more components available to use.

  • Once the plugin is named properly, Packer automatically discovers plugins in the following directories in the given order. If a conflicting plugin is found later, it will take precedence over the one found earlier.

  1. The directory where packer is, or the executable directory.

  2. The $HOME/.packer.d/plugins directory, if $HOME is defined (unix)

  3. The %APPDATA%/packer.d/plugins if %APPDATA% is defined (windows)

  4. The %USERPROFILE%/packer.d/plugins if %USERPROFILE% is defined

  5. The current working directory.

  6. The directory defined in the env var PACKER_PLUGIN_PATH. There can be more
    than one directory defined; for example, ~/custom-dir-1:~/custom-dir-2.
    Separate directories in the PATH string using a colon (:) on posix systems and
    a semicolon (;) on windows systems. The above example path would be able to
    find a provisioner named packer-provisioner-foo in either
    ~/custom-dir-1/packer-provisioner-foo or

  • In simple words…
    1. Remove any existing instance of the packer-plugin-lxc plugin installed earlier.
      For example rm ~/.packer.d/plugins/packer-plugin-lxc
    2. Download the suitable zip from the artifactory and unzip it
      • Go to the root of the unzipped dir and run make dev
      • Rename the unzipped dir and move it to the appropriate location as mentioned above
    3. Remove the lxc part from the packer block in the template because now you do not need to install it using packer init
    4. Run the build

You can find these steps in manually section in the Install Plugins doc.

Please feel free to reach out if you need help!


Hi @devashish-patel ,

Thanks a lot for pointing this out, that should indeed work for us. Could you please let me know where I can download the plugin binaries, at least the Hashicorp ones? I couldn’t find that information in the documentation…

Thank you very much!

OK, I think I found the answer to my question. I guess it is here:

Is that correct @devashish-patel ?


Yes, that’s correct!

Packer plugins are separate, standalone applications that perform tasks during each build.

You do not need to install the builder, provisioner, or post-processor components that ship with the Packer binary. Packer automatically knows how to find and launch these built-in plugins.

This page explains how to install custom external plugins. Refer to External Plugins for a list of available plugins and their documentation.