How to enable consul script check and how to verify that it's enabled on client?

I have two json files in my consul config folder. default.json and e_acl.json . I have tried putting enable-local-script-check in both of the file but I am getting error . How to enable this in my consul clients and verify that it’s enabled ?

Hi @thestrid3r,

The parameter should be written as enable_local_script_checks when defined in a configuration file, and -enable-local-script-checks when defined as a CLI option to consul agent.

You can verify whether the setting is enabled in your client by reading the agent’s configuration from the /v1/agent/self HTTP API.

$ curl --silent \
    --header "X-Consul-Token: $CONSUL_HTTP_TOKEN" \
    $CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR/v1/agent/self\?pretty | jq .DebugConfig.EnableLocalScriptChecks
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