How to force schedule job after "Failed due to progress deadline"?

What’s the proper way to retry a job if it “Failed due to progress deadline”?

If I do nomad job run again it just gives the same error. I have also tried nomad job eval -force-reschedule <job_id> to try and force it to reschedule with no effect. The only thing that worked for me was to purge the job and create it again. What should I do here to force it to re-allocate/reschedule? Thanks!

Bump! Still having trouble forcing a job to reschedule any failed tasks.

Bumping this one more time

Bumping again. Essentially, how do I force a task group to retry again? Right now the only workaround for me is to remove the job and run the job again which brings down all other task groups within the job.

Hi @axsuul

Thanks for using Nomad.

It looks like force-reschedule is the right technique. Looking at the docs for that it states:

This option only places failed allocations if the task group has rescheduling enabled.

Have you defined a reschedule stanza for your task group(s)? Can you paste your jobspec here with any secrets removed?


I have nor defined a reschedule stanza yet so its by defaults. I will try the force-reschedule and post back if I’m still having issues, thanks!