How to get Job version from allocation JSON that has no job information?

I created a persistent Nomad database of jobs, allocations and evaluations to protect against garbage collector. I take Nomad event stream and listen to allocations, evaluations and jobs and save all JSONs to a database.

Allocations from Nomad event stream contain no Job information. I can get evaluation from allocation using “EvalID” field. I do not know hot to get Job version from evaluation. Evaluation JSON has only “JobID”, it has no “JobModifyIndex”, nor “JobVersion” field that I could connect to Job history.

How can I get which Job version is associated with allocation? Nomad UI shows that - how can I get that information using only Nomad event stream?

Evaluation has “ModifyIndex” - can I use it? Is the Job version of an allocation, it is the Job version that, like, the difference between “JobModifyIndex” (or “ModifyIndex”?) and the “ModifyIndex” of allocation’s evaluation is the smallest and negative? Is there a relation between evaluation “ModifyIndex” and “ModifyIndex” in Job or “JobModifyIndex” in Job?