How to get my PR merged in a communal way?


I kinda know/guess that my question is not appropriate but at this point I’m out of ideas so my personal reflection time is telling me that I’ve been doing things in the wrong way (as other PRs from different community members get merged faster probably because they do something that I forget to do or are plainly more pressing then my feature PR).

I’ve read the contribution guidelines and it tells me to sit tight and wait, so this is definitely an offense on my side but OTOH I’m not sure if my issue/PR is seen by anyone at all which doesn’t help me during the waiting period (I might just be waiting for Godot to arrive at this point).

To be a bit more specific:

  • Am I just impatient? Probably…sorry
  • Am I taking the wrong path? Meaning, what is the correct way of filing a PR? I’ve created an issue and linked my PR to it as my mamma raised me to always first create an issue before throwing around code at people.

Again, sorry if I offended anyone by this question or me pushing to get my tiny, tiny PR in.

BTW; here’s the link to my PR…

I have the same experience. I even posted about it in HashiCorp's lack of open-source engagement.

Some of my PRs get responded to, others don’t, and it feels mostly like a lottery - will the specific topic just happen to catch a HashiCorp engineer’s attention, or not.