How to get Vault Secrets for Local Waypoint Deployment with Docker?

Currently looking out how to figure this out, anyone got any suggestions?

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As of 0.1.x there is not direct Vault and Waypoint integration available. Better secrets management (including integration with Vault) is explicitly listed on the Waypoint Roadmap.

In the meantime, If you use the Dockerfile approach with the Docker plugin, you could embed the Vault agent as a binary in you app image, setup env vars to call back to your Vault server authentication using environment identity (say something like IAM) or something like AppRole embedded as a config value and populate secrets before your app starts, then have your script start the app. This is a lot more work than having a 1st class Vault integration, so we certainly want to do that.


oh smart man :wink: Rock on, I will attempt this :slight_smile: thank you very much

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