How to ignore_changes on objects you don't or cannot manage

I’m using google_cloud_run_domain_mapping to map a custom domain to my cloud run service.
When rerunning the terraform script, it mentions that it will recreate the complete mapping because the status object has been added.
I tried ignoring this with lifecycle.ignore_changes = [status] but this is not possible as ignore changes only manages the objects you defined yourself in the resource. When adding an empty status to the resource, I get the message that I cannot manage the status object.

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Hi @kobozo,

If the status attribute is computed, changes to that value in the remote object are only going to be stored locally and will not directly cause terraform to plan any updates. There must be other changes triggering the update, and those configuration changes may be ignored via ignore_changes (ignore_changes is meant to ignore differences between the configuration and stored state, it does not ignore remote changes imposed by the provider).

If you can show the plan output and configuration it could provide more clues as to what is really happening.