How to implement "encryption_at_host_enabled" ussing terraform

I am implementing “encryption_at_host_enabled”, inside my vm for os-disk and data_disk. But while getting the plan, I am getting
Error: Unsupported argument

on line 73, in resource “azurerm_virtual_machine” “vm-linux”:
73: encryption_at_host_enabled = true

An argument named “encryption_at_host_enabled” is not expected here.

Please help

Hi @vaibhavsingh_balwant,

This is more a question related to the AzureRM provider and would be better located in the Terraform providers category, but the below should help:

As per the documentation for azurerm_virtual_machine that argument is not supported.

However, the azurerm_virtual_machine resource has been superseded by the azurerm_linux_virtual_machine and azurerm_windows_virtual_machine resources (see the note at the top of the azurerm_virtual_machine page.)

The good news is that the new azurerm_linux_virtual_machine resource does support the encryption_at_host_enabled argument. If you update your module to use the newer azurerm_linux_virtual_machine resource then you can enable encryption at host using the argument you have been trying.


Happy Terraforming