How to import AWS Kinesis Firehose delivery stream with Kinesis stream source

I’m trying to import an existing Kinesis Firehose delivery stream. The stream uses a Kinesis data stream as its source. I am importing using a command like:

> terraform import aws_kinesis_firehose_delivery_stream.my_stream <firehose_stream_arn>

The import is successful, however the newly created state does not include any information about the source stream:

"kinesis_source_configuration": []

Since you cannot change the source of an existing stream, this means a terraform plan for a config that includes kinesis_source_configuration will always require destroying and re-creating the stream, even if the kinesis source configuration doesn’t actually introduce any changes.

So two questions

  1. Does this sound like a bug with the import feature for this resource?
  2. Can I manually update the state file to include this information so that terraform doesn’t want to destroy and recreate my existing resource?