How to import _domainkey that were created for DKIM

My goal is to clean up some manual processes and codify them with TF.

One issue i have run into is importing the DKIM DNS record. ( these cannot be removed as it would interrupt an already in production mail flow.)

according to the terraform documentation…

zone identifier, record name, and record type, separated by underscores ( _ ). e.g.

terraform import aws_route53_record.myrecord 123456789_dev.example.com_NS

which works for all other DNS records I am importing… EXCEPT DKIM.
Since the DKIM name contains an underscore, it is causing the import to trip up and not make it to the _RecordType part of the import.

any advice on import DKIMs records would be great. I have a feeling i am missing a quotation.


terraform import aws_route53_record.myrecord 123456789_dsadsad1213dsadsa12313dsads._domainkey.example.com_CNAME

fails miserably.

thanks in advance

link to reference doc