How to import Provider remote defaults into State

I’m developing a private provider and have a question about remotely-set defaults. My resource has several attributes, let’s call them A, B and C. In order to create this resource, the config has to specify attribute A (the name), and the remote will decide on the defaults for B and C.

The .tf file will look like this:

resource "myprovider_myresource" "somename" {
  A = "somevalue"

Once the resource is created on the remote, there will be values for B and C assigned. If I just write those values to the State, Terraform complains that my provider is messing with non-computed attributes.

When I enable attributes B and C as computed, the plan looks like:

  + resource "myprovider_myresource" "somename" {
    + A = "somevalue"
    + B = (known after apply)
    + C = (known after apply)

I don’t want all attributes to show “(known after apply)”. There are dozens of attributes for my resources and the user will only want to specify a few of them. There is no need to bother them with the fact that these other dozens will be “known after apply”.

Any ideas on how to be able to store the remote default values in the State (in case they change unexpectedly), but not make them all show up as unknown in the plan? I’m using the Terraform Plugin Framework for this provider, in case it matters.