How to import TF module with multiple providers

We have local grown TF module uploaded to Cloud TF registry, it begins with
terraform {
required_providers {
aws = {
source = “hashicorp/aws”
version = “>= 3.75.2”
configuration_aliases = [ aws.alternate ]

It means module is using two providers [aws, aws.alternate]. We try to import this module into CDKTF (cdktf.json is
“terraformProviders”: [
“name”: “aws”,
“source”: “Terraform Registry”,
“version”: “~> 4.2”
“name”: “alternate”,
“source”: “Terraform Registry”,
“version”: “~> 4.2”
“terraformModules”: [
“name”: “modRegSR_vpc1”,
“source”: “”,
“version”: “~> 15.0.5”,
“providers”: [“aws”, “alternate”]

but “CDKTF get” returns error:
⠼ downloading and generating modules and providers…
There are some problems with the configuration, described below.

The Terraform configuration must be valid before initialization so that
Terraform can determine which modules and providers need to be installed.

│ Error: Missing required provider configuration

│ on line 1, in module:
│ 1: {“terraform”:{},“module”:{“modRegSR_vpc1”:{“source”:“",“version”:"~> 15.0.5”}}}

│ The child module requires an additional configuration for provider
│ hashicorp/aws, with the local name “aws.alternate”.

│ Refer to the module’s documentation to understand the intended purpose of
│ this additional provider configuration, and then add an entry for
│ aws.alternate in the “providers” meta-argument in the module block to
│ choose which provider configuration the module should use for that purpose.

What is “providers” meta-argument in the module and how to put “aws.alternate” as provider as dot is not allowed?

There has been an issue with how cdktf generated the bindings when working with modules with multiple providers. I believe it was just fixed in the latest version: 0.12.2.