How to install terraform inside a lambda function

Is there any possibility to automate terraform plan command every 15 minutes?

I need to be notified if resources created by terraform is changed outside terraform (through console) . I wrote a python script to get the changes using resource_drift . I need to check my infrastructure every 15 minutes .

I thought of installing terraform inside lambda function and have terraform plan command and automate every 15 minutes using events

How can I achieve this situation?

Yes you could use Lambdas, or you could use Jenkins, a script via Cron on a server, etc.

Lots of different options. Which one is best depends on what you are most comfortable with, and any other constraints/costs/etc.

How to install in lambda? any reference please !!

And I thought of doing it through build spec file, How to pass credentials in build spec file , and any reference for this too will be help be

Thanks in advance!!