How to locally test a new provider using the new framework


I have a new provider that I’m working on (code here):

It’s not published as I’m still developing it and I’m trying to follow the instructions for setting up a local build (so I can do some manual testing locally):

But I’m getting an error (see screenshot attached).

Can anyone tell me why it’s not able to locate the binary that is definitely installed in the location specified, and whose filename does look to match the pattern that the Terraform CLI is expecting?


Hi @Integralist
I believe that the CLI is looking for an exact match on the provider name in the .terraformrc file. Can you try changing the first part of line 4 in the .terraformrc to "integralist/fastly-framework"? Or alternatively you can rename the binary file in your bin to terraform-provider-fastly

Thanks! That worked :+1:t2:

I didn’t realise the format for the source was <USER>/<PROVIDER_NAME> where <PROVIDER_NAME> itself is terraform-provider-<THIS-PART>.

I presume the following code should be updated as well (e.g.

	opts := providerserver.ServeOpts{
		Address: "",
		Debug:   debug,