How to power on/off vsphere vm

Terraform newbie… I just want to do simple interactive with vsphere vm tasks like power on/off… I’m wondering if vsphere virtual machine has an option to power on/off. I’ve been searching terraform doc but couldn’t find any module has power on/off. Please help or point me to the right resource.

Best Regards

Hi using terraform provider vsphere - respurce vsphere_virtual_machine you can use power_state argument power_state, but it only work with VM that are managed by terraform

other options is use null provider and govc

resource "null_resource" "provisioning" {
   depends_on = [ vsphere_virtual_machine.vm  ]

   triggers = {

     vm_name        =

   provisioner "local-exec" {
     command = "/usr/bin/sleep 10;/usr/bin/govc vm.power -on=true /${local.host_config.vm_datacenter}/vm/${local.host_config.vm_folder}/${} "

     environment = {
       GOVC_DATACENTER  = local.host_config.vm_datacenter
       GOVC_URL         = local.host_config.vm_datacenter_url
       GOVC_USERNAME    = var.vsphere_login
       GOVC_PASSWORD    = var.vsphere_password
       GOVC_INSECURE    = true

local.host_config.vm_datacenter - Vsphere Datacenter
local.host_config.vm_folder - Vsphere vFolder - Vsphere VMname