How to refer a file from different directory to be used in current directory

Hi Team,

I have 2 folders/directories where i have the code for each of them: app_dev1 and app_dev2
app_dev1 contains app_dev1.json file which defines the groups for dev1 app and it’s being used in code
app_dev2 contains app_dev2.json file which defines the groups for dev2 app and it’s being used in

I also want to use the app_dev1.json file for group assignments in dev2 app. How can i refer app_dev1.json file in file.

I tried below code:

locals {
    app_dev2_data = jsondecode(file("${path.module}/app_dev2.json"))
    dev1_access_data = jsondecode(file("${path.module}/app_dev2/app_dev1.json"))
    combined_data = concat(local.app_dev2_data, local.dev1_access_data)


resource "okta_group" "dev2_access_groups" {
    for_each = {
     for x in local.combined_data: => x 
  name =
  description = "Terraform managed group from"

resource "okta_app_group_assignments" "dev2" {
    app_id ="0oafialoynRTLysCg5d7"

    lifecycle {
      ignore_changes = [ group ]
      create_before_destroy = true

    for_each = {
       for x in local.local.combined_data: => x 

    group {
        id = okta_group.dev2_access_groups [].id
        profile = jsonencode(each.value.profile)

output "groups" {
    description = "List of access groups"
    value = okta_group.dev2_access_groups

but, this one is giving below error message:

Error: Invalid function argument

│ on line 3, in locals:
│ 3: dev1_access_data = jsondecode(file(“${path.module}/app_dev2/app_dev1.json”))
│ ├────────────────
│ │ while calling file(path)
│ │ path.module is “.”

│ Invalid value for “path” parameter: no file exists at “./app_dev2/app_dev1.json”; this function
│ works only with files that are distributed as part of the configuration source code, so if this
│ file will be created by a resource in this configuration you must instead obtain this result from
│ an attribute of that resource.

Could you please help me on what is the best way to do this. Thanks in advance and appreciate your time in looking int this.

Thank you,

According to the image you included, your file paths are incorrect. You have files called ./app_dev1.json and ./app_dev2/app_dev2.json, which is why the file function is failing with "no file exists"