How to serve Vault UI with a different base path?


I’ve deployed Vault behind Kong gateway and I’d like to acess the UI through an URL like but then Vault redirects to

Usually with other services like Grafana there is a way to provide a base path when using a reverse proxy but I didn’t find it on the UI configuration’s documentation.

I believe Consul has a -ui-content-path flag that allows this. Is there any equivalent for Vault? If not, does anybody know a workaround?

Thank you.

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Running into a similar issue myself. In my case I’m proxying using http-proxy-middleware on express for Node. I was considering intercepting the upstream response and manually injecting a base href or even overwriting URLs. Slightly hacky I know but until there’s official support for a flag, it’ll have to do.

I’ll post back here if I have any success.