How to set azure policies to specific operations when the operations where generated with a WSDL?

We are trying to implement an apim in Azure. For content validation agains an xml we want to have the policies on operation level. The problem is that the operations are generated with the use of wsdl’s.

resource "azurerm_api_management_api" "service_api" {
  name                = "Service"
  resource_group_name =
  api_management_name =
  revision            = "1"
  display_name        = "Service"
  path                = "service"
  protocols           = ["https"]
  api_type            = "soap"

  import {
    content_format = "wsdl"
    content_value  = file("${path.module}/Service.wsdl")
    wsdl_selector {
      service_name = "Service"
      endpoint_name = "ServicePort"

This way the operation_id is generated and we have no idea to get this operation_id.

resource "azurerm_api_management_api_operation_policy" "operation_policy" {
  api_name            =
  api_management_name =
  resource_group_name =
  operation_id        = "7881e744f10c3f142c5a1cca"
  xml_content = <<XML
  <policy stuff>

Is there any way we can get this operation_id with (data sources) or to set this operation_id while also generating the operations with an WSDL.

Sorry for the hard question and I hope its explained clearly
Thanks in advance