How to set nodeSelector for job tls-init in helm values.yaml when deploying Consul on kubernetes?

When deploying Consul 1.15 on aks following this tutorial Deploy Consul on Kubernetes | Consul | HashiCorp Developer
the job tls-init is deploying on windows nodepool instead of linux and because of that failing, I do not see any key value that could be responsible for that: consul-helm/values.yaml at master · hashicorp/consul-helm · GitHub
Any suggestion?

Why does your cluster have multiple node pools? I’ve not used AKS, but it doesn’t look like the tutorial code creates multiple node pools.

More generally, though, the answer to questions of this form is always to have a look at the Helm templates themselves, and the answer this reveals is that consul-k8s/tls-init-job.yaml at main · hashicorp/consul-k8s · GitHub has no support for passing in a node selector.

I am deploying it in our dev environment where we already have aks cluster, which has 2 different node pools windows and linux.