How to set secret reference using google_cloudfunctions_function

Hello guys,
I’m trying to use google_cloudfunctions_function, from the gcp provider, with a secret on google secret manager but i’ve didnt found an way to set secret reference config on the structure, is there a way to do that? or we have another way to set that relation on terraform module?

Here is an snippet of the terraform code:

resource "google_cloudfunctions_function" "ordersStuckReady" {
  name        = "ordersStuckReady"
  description = "Monitoring stucked orders on ready state"
  runtime     = "nodejs14"

  available_memory_mb   = var.ordersstuckready_memory_available
  source_repository     {
    url = "${var.ordersstuckready_cloud_repo}"
  event_trigger         {
      event_type    = "google.pubsub.topic.publish"
      resource      =
  entry_point           = "getOrderStuckedReady"

Sorry if i’ve did something worng creating that topic this way, it’s my first :smiley:

Seems like this is still not supported neither with the google tf provider nor google beta tf provider.

Does anybody knows if and when the provider update will be released that supports using secrets from secret manager for Cloud Functions?