How to set secret reference using google_cloudfunctions_function

Hello guys,
I’m trying to use google_cloudfunctions_function, from the gcp provider, with a secret on google secret manager but i’ve didnt found an way to set secret reference config on the structure, is there a way to do that? or we have another way to set that relation on terraform module?

Here is an snippet of the terraform code:

resource "google_cloudfunctions_function" "ordersStuckReady" {
  name        = "ordersStuckReady"
  description = "Monitoring stucked orders on ready state"
  runtime     = "nodejs14"

  available_memory_mb   = var.ordersstuckready_memory_available
  source_repository     {
    url = "${var.ordersstuckready_cloud_repo}"
  event_trigger         {
      event_type    = "google.pubsub.topic.publish"
      resource      =
  entry_point           = "getOrderStuckedReady"

Sorry if i’ve did something worng creating that topic this way, it’s my first :smiley: