How to specify the auto-scale limits for Kafka brokers within HDInsight Kafka cluster

I’m working on a TF script to deploy Azure HDInsight Kafka cluster.
I need to be able to specify the auto-scale limits (i.e. the minimum and maximum number of Kafka brokers) within the cluster.
I’m trying the following syntax:

resource “azurerm_hdinsight_kafka_cluster” “example” {
name = “example-cluster”
location = “eastus”
resource_group_name =
cluster_version = “4.1”

Other required and optional attributes…

autoscale_configuration {
minimum_worker_node_count = 3
maximum_worker_node_count = 10

My ‘terraform plan’ returns the following error:

Error: Unsupported block type

│ on line 50, in resource “azurerm_hdinsight_kafka_cluster” “kafka_cluster”:
│ 50: autoscale_configuration {

│ Blocks of type “autoscale_configuration” are not expected here.

How can I properly specify this auto-scaling option?