How to turn off key versioing

I turn on vault key versioning with vault kv enable-versioning secrets, which, I believe, cause the secrets fetching path to change. I want to turn off versioning so all of the apps could work again. Can you help me?

H’m, I think it’s a one-way feature: once enabled, you can’t go back to plain kv v1; I may be mistaken, though.

But I would’ve thought your calls/commands would still work. Can you share an example of what isn’t working now?

Thank you. The vault kv get and http api is working fine, but I’m using vault with vault-env from banzai, and it keep throwing error like

time="2020-12-04T10:57:10Z" level=warning msg="app-secrets/foo/bar: Invalid path for a versioned K/V secrets engine. See the API docs for the appropriate API endpoints to use. If using the Vault CLI, use 'vault kv get' for this operation." app=vault-env
time="2020-12-04T10:57:10Z" level=fatal msg="failed to inject secrets from vault: key 'PRIVATE_KEY' not found under path: app-secrets/foo/bar" app=vault-env

as soon as I enabled key-versioning
I have already open an issue on their repo, here’s the link,

Ah, I see. I’m not familiar with bank-vaults. Hopefully they’ll address the issue!