How to use curl command to get value of consul key from https end point from jenkins bash script

I am using Jenkin job to automatically update the consul key using https endpoint. The syntax I am using to update the consul key using curl command in bash script is below which works fine:-

curl -f -s --show-error "”. (Here key is -->a/b/c)

The above command updates value of consul key “a/b/c” with “nnn”

Now I want to fetch the value of same key in a variable then how I can fetch it using Jenkins job (bash script and curl command) similar to what I have mentioned above?

Note: I have tried curl command such as variable=curl -f -s --show-error "” where variable is some temp variable to hold the value.But this is not working.

Hi @rschuntigit,

You can update a key using this syntax.

curl --request PUT --fail --silent --show-error "http://localhost:8500/v1/kv/a/b/c?token=<token>" --data 'nnn'

The value can then be retrieved and stored in a variable using this command.

export VARIABLE=$(curl --fail --silent --show-error "http://localhost:8500/v1/kv/a/b/c?token=<token>&raw")

See for more info on the supported arguments for these API calls.