How to use multiple logical operators (and/or)

How can I use the and operator and the or operator in the same if statement?
Below the code:

    bundles = flatten([
        for cluster, data in var.clusters : [ 
            for bundle, config in data["bundles"] : { 
                cluster = cluster
                bundle = bundle
                settings  = templatefile("${local.files}/${bundle}.tftpl", { config = config, globals = merge(local.values[bundle], {cluster = cluster}) }) 
            } if (config["enabled"] != null && config["settings"] != null) || config["enabled"] != false

The if statement contains the following sections:
First section: config["enabled"] != null && config["settings"] != null
Second section: config["enabled"] != false

Both sections needs to equal true or false. The if statement needs to seperates the sections with the or statement. Is there a way this is possible?