How to use newer provider versions with multiple accounts

Hello everyone,

I use azurerm provider to manage resources spread over multiple subscriptions and multiple different user accounts, and use azure cli for authentication.
Each account has its own credentials and its own subscriptions, though all share a tenant.

This worked perfectly fine before v3.44.0, but that version broke the setup.
Since v3.44.0, azurerm provider only uses the default account, which is the one from the last az login call, or the one set via az account set.
I guess versions before v3.44.0 looked up accounts by subscription id, picking correct account credentials from currently logged in list, default or not.

For single account configs, the requirement to always switch accounts before calling terraform is an annoyance, but multi-account configs just don’t work anymore.

Is there a workaround perhaps?
It feels like I am doing something wrong here, since this seems like a major regression, but I could not find any discussion about it.

Thanks in advance.