How to use output value form one folder to another folder

I have a two folder structure named as “alb” and “cloudfront” I have to use the output value of “alb” dns_name in “cloudfront” file as input, because I have to update the dns value in cloudfront distribution.


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See the following example for AWS that passes variables from the parent to the child and from the child to the parent and other modules.

Parent calls module aws_network_vpc and passes values aws_vpc_block and aws_vpc_tag_name:

module "aws_network_vpc" {
  source           = "./modules/aws/network/vpc"
  aws_vpc_block    = var.aws_vpc_block
  aws_vpc_tag_name = var.aws_vpc_tag_name

Module accepts values from calling parent

variable "aws_vpc_tag_name" {
  description = "Name of the VPC"

variable "aws_vpc_block" {
  description = "Private IP block for the VPC in CIDR format"

Actual module uses vars:

resource "aws_vpc" "default" {
  cidr_block           = var.aws_vpc_block
  enable_dns_support   = true
  enable_dns_hostnames = true

  tags = {
    Name = var.aws_vpc_tag_name

Actual module exports values to calling parent:

output "id" {
  value =

output "vpc_main_route_table_id" {
  value = aws_vpc.default.main_route_table_id

Exported values are acceded with construction module.name_of_module.variable, example for our previous module aws_network_vpc we need the exported ID of the VPC to create an Internet Gateway.

Parent uses values exported from module:

#Create an Internet GW
module "aws_internet_gw" {
  source = "./modules/aws/network/internet_gateway"
  vpc_id =
  name   = var.aws_internet_gw_name

Full example and code at: