How to use terraform to set alert condition for resource health alert

Hi Guys:
I’m using terraform to create resource health alert

it is pretty simple with terraform

resource “azurerm_monitor_activity_log_alert” “resourcehealth” {

name = “${var.client_initial}-MCS Optimise Resource Health”

description = “${var.client_initial}-MCS Optimise Resource Health Alerts”

resource_group_name = var.resource_group_name

scopes = [var.scopes]

criteria {

category = "ResourceHealth"


action {

action_group_id = var.action_group_id


tags = var.tags


but what I found is it lacks ability to further set alert condition, for example, we want only get alert when current resource status is degraded or unavailable, and reason type is Platform initiated. Terraform seems to set All for all the conditions, and alert has become quite noisy