How to use the each.key value as a variable name

I want to pass in a list of strings that are table names I’m going to create in a module. The table definitions will be in a file in the subfolder where the module is. So my module will look something like this:

module "parquet_tables" {
    source    = "./create_table"
    table_names = [ "tab1", "tab2" ]
    providers = {

Then in a file in the subfolder I will have definitions in locals for each table:

locals {
  tab1 = {
    table_name = "table 1"
    table_description = ....
    s3_location = "s3://....
    database_name ="dbname"
.  }

Then in my create_table I want to iterate through the table_names list and create each table with for_each:

resource "aws_glue_catalog_table" "tablex" {
  provider = aws
  for_each = toset(var.table_names)
  name          = local.${each.key}.table_name
  database_name = local.${each.key}.database_name

This doesn’t work of course - it tells me an attribute name is required after the “local.” How can I get that string value of each table name I pass in as a table name to reference the local value of the same name?