how to write an output in terraform module to get the bigquery table ids (gcp) as part of data source?

I am trying to get list of tables in a bigquery dataset using terraform data source inside a module. I have written below code but it returns the entire path to the tables. I only need the table id.

data "google_bigquery_dataset" "dataset" { 
    dataset_id = "my-dataset"
    project    = "my-project"

output "bq_tables" {
    value = data.google_bigquery_dataset.dataset.access

I have checked the Google API documentation. The path it shows to the table list is given in this libnk. REST Resource: datasets  |  BigQuery  |  Google Cloud What I fail to understand is the syntax to use if possible after the access object. e.g. I have tried be

low but it gives error Can’t access attributes on a set of objects. Did you mean to access an attribute across all elements of the set?

value = data.google_bigquery_dataset.dataset.access[0].view.tableId[0] value = data.google_bigquery_dataset.dataset.access.view.tableId[0]

To retrieve BigQuery table IDs as part of a Terraform data source output, you can use the google_bigquery_table data source no text with filters based on your requirements. This allows you to fetch specific table IDs dynamically within your module.

Hello David. Thank you for your response. As per documentation there is no data source for BQ tables. The only data sources are in this link. My requirement is to get list of tables in datasets in the project from the data source. Terraform Registry