How Waypoint EXEC and LOGS works when deploying container manually

I have recently exploring Waypoint. As I understand it is still new and doesn’t support Docker Swarm. I have somehow managed to make it work by using the following deployment method executing use 'exec'. It is working, but the problem is that waypoint exec and waypoint logs are not working. I would like to understand a bit more about how waypoint logs and exec works if we spin up our docker container manually without using waypoint up. This is what I understand so far :

The container needs to expose port 3000 and start with waypoint-entrypoint and populate some environment variable like WAYPOINT_SERVER_ADDR, WAYPOINT_SERVER_TLS and WAYPOINT_SERVER_TLS_SKIP_VERIFY What I don’t understand is how do i obtain WAYPOINT_DEPLOYMENT_ID and WAYPOINT_CEB_INVITE_TOKEN before deploying my container. In addition, what is the key information that needs to be passed into the container apart from what I have described so that it can talk to the waypoint server and allow waypoint exec and logs to work.

deploy {
    use "exec" {
        command = ["docker", "stack", "deploy", "-c", "<TPL>", "beta"]
        template {
          path = "/workspace/app1/docker-compose.yml"