Http response error: 401 - invalid content type while copying file on Azure Cloud Platform


I’m using Builder and Provisioner to create Windows Image with a software install on it on Azure Cloud however build is getting failed while copying the file to VM being created. Error Message is: Build ‘azure-arm’ errored: Error uploading file to $env:TEMP\winrmcp-c3168c08-eeb0-4d5d-6130-6e0d16d68147.tmp: Couldn’t create shell: http response error: 401 - invalid content type. Any help would appreciate.

"builders": [{

    "type": "azure-arm",   
    "subscription_id": "<sub-id>",
    "managed_image_resource_group_name": "test-mansing",
    "managed_image_name": "New-Image-Create-By-Packer-Windows-withsoftware",    
    "os_type": "Windows",
    "image_publisher": "MicrosoftWindowsServer",
    "image_offer": "WindowsServer",
    "image_sku": "2016-Datacenter",

    "azure_tags": {
      "dept": "engineering"
    "location": "West US",
    "vm_size": "Standard_A2",

    "communicator": "winrm",
    "winrm_use_ssl": "true",
    "winrm_insecure": "true",
    "winrm_timeout": "25m",
    "winrm_username": "packer"
"provisioners": [{
  "type": "powershell",
    "inline": [
      " # NOTE: the following *3* lines are only needed if the you have installed the Guest Agent.",
      "  while ((Get-Service RdAgent).Status -ne 'Running') { Start-Sleep -s 5 }",
      "  while ((Get-Service WindowsAzureTelemetryService).Status -ne 'Running') { Start-Sleep -s 5 }",
      "  while ((Get-Service WindowsAzureGuestAgent).Status -ne 'Running') { Start-Sleep -s 5 }",

      "if( Test-Path $Env:SystemRoot\\windows\\system32\\Sysprep\\unattend.xml ){ rm $Env:SystemRoot\\windows\\system32\\Sysprep\\unattend.xml -Force}",
      "& $env:SystemRoot\\System32\\Sysprep\\Sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /quiet /quit /mode:vm",
      "while($true) { $imageState = Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Setup\\State | Select ImageState; Write-Output $imageState.ImageState; if($imageState.ImageState -ne 'IMAGE_STATE_GENERALIZE_RESEAL_TO_OOBE') { Start-Sleep -s 10 } else { break } }"
{  "type": "file",
  "source": "StorageExplorer.exe",
  "destination": "C:/Temp/"
{  "type": "powershell",
  "inline": ["C:/Temp/StorageExplorer.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART"]