I am trying to upgrade my tf version from tf0.12 to tf0.13 & tf1.0.1.The template provider is not available for darwin_amd64

I removed hashicop/template dependencies from my configuration but my state files still have dependencies how to remove it

I guess you could use terraform state list to find all the template instances in state and terraform state rm to remove them.

Thanks Maz,i did same while i was moving from tf12 to tf 13 all until now in amd. And no issues finding provider in 13 plan.I than try to upgrade using tf1.0.1 amd binary and it threw error the provider not available .Hence to try i used arm1.0.1 binary which is actual one needed for mac and it had no issues .But when put on git which has gitlab runners running on linux it threw error that
Error: Failed to install provider


226│ Error while installing hashicorp/template v2.2.0: the current package for

227Terraform Registry 2.2.0 doesn’t match any of the

228│ checksums previously recorded in the dependency lock file