I can not get STS from AWS

[root@SHCLITVM0082 ~]# vault write aws/sts/ec2_admin ttl=60m
Error writing data to aws/sts/ec2_admin: Error making API request.

URL: PUT https://SHCLITVM0082:8200/v1/aws/sts/ec2_admin
Code: 400. Errors:

  • Error generating STS keys: RequestError: send request failed
    caused by: Post https://sts.amazonaws.com/: remote error: tls: access denied
    [root@SHCLITVM0082 ~]#

I don’t know what is wrong, is there any debug log can print ?

Looks like you also opened this issue here and got a response, so that will probably be the best place to continue the discussion. Just posting a link so anyone else who wants to follow along can.

Yes, Thanks, I will do the continue on that thread.