I Cannot Remove the Consul Web Page on My Ubuntu 20.04 Client

I installed Consulv1.11.4.

I ran the following commands to remove consul in my ubuntu 20.04 terminal:

$ sudo apt-get remove consul

$ sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove consul

$ sudo apt-get purge consul

$ sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove consul

However, the consul web portal still appears. I access it as follows:

How do I remove the web portal so I can start fresh?

Please help!

My goal is to completely remove consul from my client so I can start new/fresh. Somewhere data is persisted re: my initial install.

Hi @david_snyder85,

Did you also stop the Consul process on your machine?

$ sudo systemctl stop consul

If so, I’m not sure why the process is still listening. Perhaps there’s an orphaned instance of Consul still running.

You could try the following command to stop it.

$ sudo pkill consul

Thanks Blake! That did the trick!

Much appreciated!