I can't clone GitHub's private repository

I’m trying to clone a private github repository via keyssh. I have already generated the key and my configuration looks like this:


Turns out I just can’t clone the repository. The job keeps loading, loading, until it fails, and the message appears in the logs:


is asked for this key, and it just stays there. When I stop the agent, this message is shown:


Is there something I’m missing? Any help is welcome, thanks!

Hi @CamilaBetim,

I think these are the instructions you are looking for.


@DerekStrickland and the Nomad team

Sorry, I’m still a little confused. These instructions show how to pass authentication as a name and password, but use the docker driver as an example.

To download a github artifact from a private repository, wouldn’t I need to pass in a keyssh as per the documentation?

I made the settings with keyssh as I put in the prints in another post, but it getting that error.

I don’t know if I missed something but if you can give me a direction on what I could do! Appreciate!

I’m so sorry. I scanned this too quickly on my way out the door Friday and didn’t correctly understand your problem. I think what that is telling you is that you have set a passphrase on the ssh key, so it can’t be used without entering in the passphrase.

So far I don’t see a way to use and ssh key with a passphrase. This article’s section on “Protecting SSH keys” has a good explanation of why ssh keys in automation don’t usually have a passphrase.

Can you generate an alternate ssh key without a passphrase and give that a try?


@DerekStrickland and the Nomad team

Hi! I’ve already removed the password from the ssh key, even when I clone the repository manually from the command line, it works! But for the nomad, he insists on asking:


how can i disable this go-getter passphrase?

That feels very much like a caching problem to me. Have you run nomad job stop -purge {jobName} to completely remove the job? I am thinking just changing the underlying file won’t be enough. Also, I wonder if creating another file with a different name and then using that would be helpful for debugging if there is some caching going on. It’s not a long term desirable solution, but it could help debug.

Hi! I managed to solve the problem just by deleting my old sshkey and generating a new one. I’m not sure what could have happened, but I’m glad it worked.

Thanks for your help and attention!

Great to hear! And again, thanks for using Nomad!

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