I find it Impossible to use dbplugin/v5 with kerberos database


We had a previous implementation of a vault-kerberos-plugin using the vault dbplugin and the kerberos kconnutil module.

We are now struggling with how to do the same with the new vault versions that come with dbpluginv5.

Where is the problem?

The problem is that we are creating keytabs in the kerberos database and storing them as a encoded value string in vault.
Before dbpluginv5 we were able to make the connection to kerberos database, create the keytab, encoded it and then ask vault to store it with the principalName related to the keytab as user.

Right now we are not able to do this, as the dbplugin prevents us from providing the password when creating the user.

I am wondering is someone is struggling with similar problem or had reached a solution without using the dbplugin.