Ignore some resources changed outside the Terraform

Good day community! Is there a possibility to ignore some resource changes made outside the terraform for terraform plan. In terraform v.1 the output of terraform plan command was changed and now it shows not only resources which will be changed but and resources that were changed outside the terraform. It is a great behaviour and helps to work with drifts. But I have some computed parameters for some of my resources that predictably changes from time to time outside the terrafrom by the cloud as a result I have information about it in every terraform plan output.

# ccloud_arc_agent_v1.app has been changed
  ~ resource "ccloud_arc_agent_v1" "app" {
      ~ updated_at   = "2021-09-14T10:01:18Z" -> "2021-09-21T11:07:18Z"
      ~ updated_with = "6ca72b40-debe-4ea5-95d3-6d6bd473d0cb" -> "bf261711-e333-40ab-848d-dc66c03bff9d"

It creates excessive noise in the plan command output. Is there a possibility to ignore changes for some parameters of the resource?
Terraform version - 1.0.7
Provider - registry.terraform.io/sapcc/ccloud v.1.4.13
Thanks a lot.

Hi @ashkraba,

The only way to prevent seeing those changes would be for the provider to not report them in response to refreshing. Terraform reports any change that the provider reports, and so it’s the generally provider’s responsibility to only report useful information which is relevant to the settings being managed by Terraform.

If those two attributes constantly change even though you’re not changing anything about the infrastructure with Terraform then it seems like there’s little value in the provider actually tracking them, and so you could potentially discuss with the provider development team the possibility of dropping those attributes altogether in a future release, in order to reduce the noise and focus the change reports only on data that’s actually relevant to the task of managing these objects with Terraform.

Thanks a lot, @apparentlymart for help!