Import AMPLS scoped service: "cannot import non-existent object"

Hi, despite documentation says clearly how to import AMPLS scoped services - terraform import azurerm_monitor_private_link_scoped_service.example /subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/resourceGroups/group1/providers/Microsoft.Insights/privateLinkScopes/pls1/scopedResources/sr1 , when I’m, being logged into Azure and having all the permissions and roles (I’m contributor) and all resources are present in the cloud, run

terraform import azurerm_monitor_private_link_scoped_service.this /subscriptions/.../resourceGroups/.../providers/Microsoft.Insights/privateLinkScopes/myAMPLS/scopedResources/proxy-apim

I receive the following error - “Cannot import non-existent remote object”.

Both AMPLS and APIM are in the same resource group and both exist. Name ‘proxy-apim’ got from portal from section AMPLS/Azure Monitor Resources. Even more - during previous step AMPLS itself was imported successfully. So, probably, it’s need to use another name of scoped service, but which one?

I will appreciate if anyone can point me what I’m missing.

Thank you.