Import CA - key null

Hello ,
My goal is to import the CA and Intermediate certificates (and keys, respectively) in order to move the issue of certificates to the store. Pleas help analyze
In the instruction, the key has an id - in my case, on version 1.12.2 - the field - “imported_keys”:null

curl -k --header “X-Vault-Token: hvs.zWtlxaQErivGs47KhtrA0yAG” --request POST --data “@ca_bundle.jsonhttps://
{“request_id”:“ecb46c69-5ab9-bbe5-1713-9399d45797b8”,“lease_id”:“”,“renewable”:false,“lease_duration”:0,“data”:{“imported_issuers”:[“00487db0-4faf-e4c8-db44-a898c239bbb7”],“imported_keys”:null,“mapping”:{“00487db0-4faf-e4c8-db44-a898c239bbb7”:“”}},“wrap_info”:null,“warnings”:[“This mount hasn’t configured any authority information access (AIA) fields; this may make it harder for systems to find missing certificates in the chain or to validate revocation status of certificates. Consider updating /config/urls or the newly generated issuer with this information.”],“auth”:null}