Import kubernetes_manifest fails with "Error: Failed to get resource" even so it's there

I try to import the logging config as kubernetes_maifest

kubectl get --show-kind --context playground clusteroutputs --all-namespaces 
NAMESPACE               NAME                                                        ACTIVE   PROBLEMS
cattle-logging-system  true 
The respective .tf looks like this
resource "kubernetes_manifest" "cluster-output-splunk" {
  manifest = {
    "apiVersion" = ""
    "kind" = "ClusterOutput"
    "metadata" = {
      "name" = "cluster-output-splunk"
      "namespace" = "cattle-logging-system"

However, the import complains:

terraform import kubernetes_manifest.cluster-output-splunk ",kind=ClusterOutput,namespace=cattle-logging-system,name=cluster-output-splunk" 
kubernetes_manifest.cluster-output-splunk: Importing from ID ",kind=ClusterOutput,namespace=cattle-logging-system,name=cluster-output-splunk"...
│ Error: Failed to get resource {Object:map[ kind:ClusterOutput metadata:map[name:cluster-output-splunk namespace:cattle-logging-system]]} from API
│ "cluster-output-splunk" not found