Import of AWS RDS instance silently fails (0.15.1 in MacOS)

I just updated to Terraform 0.15.1 (via brew on MacOS) as I was getting verbose errors importing an AWS RDS instance with 0.14.1 (Error: Cannot import non-existent remote object). Now the import reports as successful, but is not listed in the state, and running terraform plan reports it intends to create a new db instance. Also, I can “successfully” run the import any number of times, underscoring how the import is not actually updating the state. Please help.

[edit: updated AWS provider to most recent (v3.38.0) and same behavior]

$ terraform import aws_db_instance.fuse-db <ID>
aws_db_instance.fuse-db: Importing from ID "<ID>"...
aws_db_instance.fuse-db: Import prepared!
  Prepared aws_db_instance for import
aws_db_instance.fuse-db: Refreshing state... [id=<ID>]

Import successful!

The resources that were imported are shown above. These resources are now in
your Terraform state and will henceforth be managed by Terraform.

$ terraform state show aws_db_instance.fuse-db
No instance found for the given address!

This command requires that the address references one specific instance.
To view the available instances, use "terraform state list". Please modify
the address to reference a specific instance.
$ terraform -v
Terraform v0.15.1
on darwin_amd64
+ provider v3.38.0

I was able to successfully import the resource using the id instead of the resource_id value. Most other resources I’ve imported use the resource_id value, hence my confusion. It would be nice to also import via ARN to remove confusion about which ID value to use in import.