Import .tf files to workspace in databricks

when i am trying to import (.tf) files after export the data from databricks using Experimental resource exporter , using i got this error
Error: Invalid version constraint

on line 3, in terraform:
3: databricks = {
4: source = “databricks/databricks”
5: version = “1.27.0”
6: }
A string value is required for databricks.

Hi @moathhasan64,

I’m not sure but I think you are using a very old version of Terraform that doesn’t support installing third-party providers like databricks/databricks. You will need to upgrade to a modern Terraform version to use this provider.

Hi @apparentlymart
Thank you for reply to my question
i used this installation terraform-provider-databricks_1.27.0_linux_amd64
i think this is the last version