Importing a resource which is inside a module, but doesn't show up


I have written a module which traverses through an array of entries and created multiple vpc/tgw route tables etc. This module works great. I now have a need to add a direct connect route table/routes when this module is being called.

These resources have been created by hand and I would like to import them into my terraform state and when I do it it seems to work fine without any issues, but the next time I do a terraform plan it still shows up as a new resource to create rather than showing the existing stuff.


terraform import ‘my_module[“somestring”].aws_ec2_transit_gateway_route_table.morecrap-rt’ ‘tgw-xxxxxxxx’

The above command runs to success and terraform says these resources are now managed inside terraform.

I further did a

terraform state | egrep tgw-xxxxxxxx

When I tried, terraform says oh let me create this new route table once again.

terraform plan --var-file=<some var file>

What am I missing here?

Thank you!

What is the full plan output?

It goes through everything and finally tells me I am going to “add” this new tg_route_table rather than telling me there are no chances.

When I further let it move on rather cancel it, it creates this extra route table rather than adopting the existing one that is already created. Mind you this is not a big deal, I can delete the manually created and create it through terraform, but I do want to understand what I am doing wrong here.

Did you import that route table?

I tried to import the route-table with the logical name “morecrap-rt’”, terraform runs the import job to success, but in reality it is not present in the state file at all.

So why I apply the next time, it creates a route table with the logical name(inside tf) “morecrap-rt” but the existing route table that was created in the AWS console is still there.

May be I am not being clear here with my explanation.

Hi @njnerd,

If the plan requires -var-file to correctly set variables in the configuration to plan the resource you want to import, then the import command likely requires the same -var-file. Does importing work if you supply the same variable inputs?

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Hi @jbardin,

That was my mistake, I should have imported things in with the --var-file switch!

Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

This really helps me out.