Importing an azure custom certificate binding

Hi, I´ve been wondering about a missing / wrong documentation. I tried following to import a custom hostname binding but in actuality, it asks for 2 resource ids joined by | . (could not parse Certificate Binding ID, expected two resource IDs joined by `|). Anyone has any Idea how andwhat 2 resource ids? I tried the certificate + binding and the app service + binding but both don’t work.

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facing the same issue…

I think you get the first one like this with az (the azure cli):
az webapp config hostname list
From there fin out the id of the hostname you want to bind.
The second one you get from
az webapp config ssl list
Here you should get the id for the certificate.
Combine them in one quoted string sparated by | as in the example from app_service_certificate_binding documentation

Hope it helps someone,