Inconsistent result in stringified JSON attribute in TF 1.0.8

Hi, we’re using a string attribute in one of the resources of our provider, in TF SDKv2:

	"fields": {
		Type:                  schema.TypeString,
		Optional:              true,
		DiffSuppressFunc:      validateFields,

It works fine in latest TF versions but fails in 1.0.8 with error: “Error: Provider produced inconsistent result after apply”.

In newer TF versions it calls resource Create, Read and then validateFields to check they’re the same value (they’re json that differ in blanks).

However in 1.0.8 it calles Create and Read but not validateFields after Read so it thinks they’re different values.

I also tried to use: “DiffSuppressOnRefresh: true,” but didn’t change anything.

How can I make this work in 1.0.8?