Increment module name with count index in resource

Hi, I am trying to create an AWS resolver rule based on 2 declared VPC modules with names vpc0 and vpc1. I want to be able to increment the module name, but it isn’t an actual count of the object. Basically I want to add the value of the count index to the module call. Would this work below or does it not work as a module call?
resource “aws_route53_resolver_rule_association” “int” {

provider = aws.spoke-usw2

count = length(var.vpc)

resolver_rule_id =[count.index].id

vpc_id = “module.vpc${count.index}.vpc_id”


I have a temp resolution working with my aws pro services resource. Not pretty, but works until we can rewrite.

set a locals:
vpc_module [
module.vpc0, module.vpc1

in call:
vpc_id = local.vpc_module[count.index].vpc_id